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I actually charge my iPad with an iPhone charger. It takes longer, but it’s a slower charge and generates less heat. I use my iPad for several hours every day. It’s never been inconvenient to charge it with the iPhone charger. I just make sure to top it off almost every day.

Download the SteelSeries Nimbus App for iOS

Getting a game controller is an exciting event. It opens up a whole new world of gaming on your Apple TV. In this rush of excitement, it’s easy to forget that SteelSeries offers a companion app for your Nimbus controller. The app provides a comprehensive manual, FAQs, firmware updates and a catalog of games that are compatible with your controller. I recommend downloading the iOS app and checking for firmware updates immediately and then regularly. There were no firmware updates for my controller, but it’s nice to know that it is up-to-date.

Use Your SteelSeries Nimbus with Your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Mac

The MFi version of the SteelSeries Nimbus controller works with almost any Apple device. In addition to your Apple TV, the device is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac. It won’t work with other Apple products. If your Apple device is old and running an outdated version of iOS, it might not work. Make sure to visit the SteelSeries site to find out more about compatibility. []

Steel Series, iOS Device and AirPlay Mirroring Vastly Expand Apple TV Gaming

One of the coolest things about the SteelSeries Nimbus is that it can vastly expand your Apple TV gaming experience. tvOS is relatively new and its App Store doesn’t offer the abundance of apps found in the iOS market. That’s not a problem. Simply download your favorite game and use AirPlay Mirroring to beam it onto Apple TV. You won’t even need to look at your iOS device. Simply use the SteelSeries Nimbus to play the game on your Apple TV. Using my 2017 iPad, I haven’t experienced much latency at all. It’s a great way to play just about any game on Apple TV.

Best Games for the SteelSeries Nimbus

Now that you have your controller, finding the best games isn’t an easy task. The tvOS App Store features thousands of games, many of which are compatible with game controllers. Some of them even require a game controller. So far, Infinite Tanks is the best game I have played with my SteelSeries Nimbus. It actually requires a game controller. It’s a highly sophisticated virtual tank combat game that takes advantage of every control on the SteelSeries Nimbus. The tank is steered with the left controller while the turret is controlled with the right. Buttons control the view, weapons and other aspects of tank combat. It’s a very intense game and it really gets my heart racing. I like it even more than World of Tanks for iOS. Playing it on the big screen, with a proper game controller, is a much more satisfying experience.

GameLoft also offers a variety of games that are compatible with game controllers. Some of my favorites include Dungeon Hunter 5, Gods of Rome and Modern Combat 5. These particular games just aren’t suited for the Siri Remote.

There’s so many more games available in the App Store, especially when you have a game controller. Make sure to check the games category regularly for new and exciting games.

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