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Block Calls on iPhone

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Take Legal Action Against Abusive Telemarketers

I recommend signing up for the Do Not Call Registry. It will limit some telemarketing calls. Telemarketers are supposed to check the registry before they contact you. There are responsible call centers that do this. Unfortunately, a lot of telemarketers don’t care about the Do Not Call Registry. Many telemarketers are located off shore and use caller ID spoofing to appear as domestic callers. The government is ineffective at preventing these callers from contacting you. Furthermore, many callers are still allowed to contact people who are on the Do Not Call Registry. Charities, surveyors, political organizations and debt collectors are all allowed to call registrants.

Singing up on the National Do Not Call Registry signifies that you do not wish to receive telemarketing calls. This makes it possible to take legal action if a specific telemarketer is harassing you.

Take Legal Action Against Unwanted Calls

Telemarketers can be annoying, but some go so far as to harass people. There have been cases of egregious harassment by unsolicited callers, resulting in legal specializations to handle these complaints.

If you have signed up for the National Do Not Call Registry, you can visit their website to submit a complaint. You must wait until your number has been listed on the registry for 31 days. Although the Do Not Call Registry allows contact from certain callers, such as debt collectors, you can still file a complaint against these entities if they are abusive.

The Do Not Call Registry doesn’t have a lot of enforcement muscle. They make it easy for offending callers to say it was just a mistake. This has been abused and some people are still continually harassed by telemarketers. This has led to the rise of legal practices specializing in telemarketing abuse. There is often adequate legal compensation for people who have been inundated with telemarketing calls. Each violation can result in a $500 reward to the plaintiff.

If you have been repeatedly abused by a telemarketer, this can add up and actually be quite lucrative. I personally don’t condone unnecessary lawsuits. However, if you have been abused by a telemarketer, this is a great way to end the calls and be compensated for the harassment. The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse website provides a detailed guide to taking legal action against telemarketers.

Call Blocking Best Practices

This article has covered the most convenient methods of blocking unwanted calls on your iPhone. There are many options, but the best method is to use Do Not Disturb mode. This feature will block all interruptions, not just phone calls. Furthermore, you can white list specific callers, so important people can still contact you in emergencies. Do Not Disturb mode can be scheduled and turned on and off manually. I recommend using Do Not Disturb mode, but also blocking persistent unwanted callers. Using both of these features in conjunction, you should be able to sleep soundly and minimize unwanted interruptions during the day.

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