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Apple TV 4: Using the Siri Remote

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You’ll see the Now Playing view when music is playing, which displays an album cover. Hold your finger on the trackpad to display the playback progress bar. Although you can’t scrub through music, holding your finger to the left or right side of the trackpad will display a skip icon. Clicking the trackpad will skip to the next or previous song. Tapping (not clicking) the trackpad once will display the Up Next view. You can scroll through the tracks and click the trackpad to play a specific track. Swiping up on the trackpad will focus on the “…” icon. Click the trackpad to view a menu of track-specific options. You can play the track next, start a radio station based on the track, go to the album or change speaker output. Click the menu button to dismiss the track options menu.

You can multitask and operate other Apple TV features while music is playing. Hold down the Menu button to return to the main menu or press the Home button twice to launch the App Switcher. Most apps will function while music is playing, however, if you start a video, music will stop playing. I was even able to play music while playing Asphalt 8, but the music stopped once I pressed the play/pause button, which controls the nitro booster in the game. It won’t work everywhere, but you can browse videos, do some shopping, or check the weather while using the Music app. Previous Apple TV models also offered this feature.

Use Siri Remote to Arrange and Delete Apps on Home Screen

App icons on the home screen can be moved anywhere and apps can be deleted. Unlike previous models of Apple TV, even the top row of Apple services can be moved, but not deleted. I recommend keeping Apple’s app icons at the top, as they interact with the top marquee. Almost every non-Apple app I have placed in the top row doesn’t offer an interactive marquee. At best, the marquee will display an image of the app or static images of featured videos. HBO NOW and a few other apps provide an interactive marquee. You’ll get more out of your Apple TV if top-row apps support this feature.

Icons are arranged by moving the trackpad to select an icon to be relocated. Next, click the trackpad and hold it until the app icon starts to wiggle. Now you can move the icon anywhere, but this has the consequence of forcing other icons to move. It’s best to place the icons starting at the top left, then place each icon to the right as you proceed. Make sure to move the icon from the bottom right, so as not to shift the other icons you just placed. It’s not the most graceful process, but it is similar to arranging home screen icons on an iPhone or iPad.

Apps can be deleted in a similar fashion. First, select an app to be deleted and click and hold the trackpad until it wiggles. Press the Play/Pause button to delete the app. A confirmation message will appear. Click delete to remove the app and all of its data. This doesn’t just remove the icon, but deletes the entire app and its data. (continue…)

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