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Apple TV 4: Using Folders

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tvOS gives the folder a default name based on the app category. You can change the name by swiping up on the Touch surface. The on-screen keyboard appears. Use the keyboard to append to the existing folder name. If you wish to delete the entire folder name, click and hold on the virtual keyboard’s delete key. You can use Siri dictation to enter the folder’s name. Simply press and hold the Siri button on the remote and speak the name. You can dictate words or individual letters.

There’s a small flaw with the folders implementation. tvOS will often create duplicate folder names. For example, if you create a folder from a news app, tvOS will name it news. If you create another folder from a news app, tvOS will give it the same name. This may create some confusion when adding apps to folders. Simply rename the folder to avoid confusion.

Once you have created a folder, accessing it is simple. Just select and click on the folder. It will expand and you can use the Touch surface to select any app icon in the folder. Exit the folder by pressing the Menu button on the remote.

Add an App to a Folder

There are two ways to add apps to folders — the easy way and the hard way. The best way to add an app to a folder is to use the menu-driven process. Select and app you’d like to add to an existing folder. Click and hold the Touch surface until the app starts to wiggle. Next, press the Play/Pause button. A menu with options appears. Select “Move to [folder name]” to add the app to the folder.

The alternative method of adding an app to a folder is a bit more challenging. It’s similar to adding an app to a folder on iOS. It’s not difficult using an iPhone or iPad’s touch screen. It’s a little more challenging with the Siri Remote’s Touch surface. First, click and hold on an app until it starts to wiggle. Use the Touch surface to move the app on top of a folder. The folder will expand. Position the app in the desired location inside the folder and click the Touch surface. Your app is now added to the folder. You’ll notice that this process rearranges the apps on your home screen. It can sometimes be a little difficult to get the app inside the folder. For these reasons, I prefer to do it the easy way.

Remove App from Folder

Unlike adding an app to a folder, there’s only one way to remove an app from a folder. Click and hold on the app icon until it starts to wiggle. Press the Play/Pause button on the remote. A menu of options will appear. Click on Move to Home Screen. You can also move it to another folder using the corresponding menu option. Dragging the icon out of the folder (as with iOS) doesn’t work.

Arrange Folders on Home Screen

Folders can be placed almost anywhere on the Home Screen, even the top row. Of course, it’s best to keep certain apps on the top row, as they control the top marquee. If you put a folder on the top row and select it, you only get a plain Apple TV logo on the marquee. Apple’s apps, and a few third-party apps, can make better use of the top row’s marquee behavior. For example, if you add Netflix to the top row, it will display recommendations on the marquee when the app is selected. (continue…)

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