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The New Mac Pro

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With the advent of Thunderbolt, it is no longer necessary to use internal devices connected to PCI or SATA busses. External devices can now offer exceptional performance. The new Mac Pro features Thunderbolt 2 technology. This new standard supports 20 GB/s bandwidth and the ability to chain up to 36 devices. USB 3 is also supported on the new Mac Pro. The new USB standard supports up to 5 Gbits/s, which is over 10 times faster than USB 2.

Networking has improved. The new Mac Pro has Gigabit ethernet. It also has wi-fi built-in. This is a huge improvement, because wi-fi used to be a special order upgrade for the Mac Pro. Users could not do this upgrade themselves, and there is a lack of quality USB wi-fi adapters for Apple products, since wi-fi is standard on all other models. Apple assumed that professionals would not use wi-fi, but would instead use a wired ethernet connection. It’s amazing that the standard Mac Pro did not come with wi-fi until now. Sometimes Apple makes assumptions that prove to be false. I had to re-arrange my networking setup and hard-wire my Mac Pro. It was a very frustrating situation. The new Mac Pro also supports the latest Bluetooth 4.0 standard.

The new machine features HDMI 1.4 ports, allowing users to easily connect the computer to a flat screen TV. This enables video editors to see how the final cut will really look for viewers at home.

The new design is not just pretty, but functional. When you rotate the new Mac Pro, the i/o panel illuminates, making it easier to connect external devices. They thought of everything!

Born in the USA

The new Mac Pro is made in the United States. It is not only assembled in the U.S., but many key components are made in the U.S.  Some people who live abroad may feel it is xenophobic to be proud of making something in the United States. The reality is, we’re still climbing out of the Great Recession. A lot of people here need jobs. Apple is doing a good thing.

The new Mac Pro is assembled in Texas, with components constructed in over a dozen other states. Apple is also building a huge “spaceship” corporate campus in Cupertino and continuing to hire people in California. Unlike other tech companies, Apple doesn’t offshore much of its design and software development work overseas. They do have brick and mortal Apple stores throughout the world. They are an international company. However, unlike other tech companies, they’re not looking for the cheapest intellectual labor market they can find. (continue…)

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