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Things You Can’t Do on an iPad

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I Like My iPad

Despite what I have written, I do like my iPad and enjoy using it. I get a lot of use out of it and love the convenience. The small, easy-to-use tablet is actually better than a computer in some ways. The touchscreen and motion sensors allow for a completely different user experience. One must understand that the iPad is different from a computer and not necessarily inferior or superior overall.

Unfortunately, a lot of tech writers are making very bold claims that the iPad is a replacement for a computer. It may be for some, but I don’t think they have done their homework. It is irresponsible to assume that most people can do everything with an iPad. Even if they are not developers, photographers or AV professionals, they may want to play World of Warcraft or other popular games. I think a lot of people would like to download iTunes digital booklets and be able to adjust iTunes video quality settings. You can’t even restore a bricked iPad without a computer.

The problem is that writers and bloggers can do most of their work on an iPad. Yes, writing and making simple YouTube videos can be done on an iPad. Many of them admit that they don’t play video games or work with image processing tools like Photoshop. They often suggest using an ersatz version of a computer application, claiming it is just as good. Some desire to live in the “post PC world”, which is a complete misinterpretation of Steve Jobs’ idea that Microsoft is becoming irrelevant. It is an acute case of myopia. They cannot see beyond their own needs and interests, and push people into their narrow view.

Apple Does Not See the iPad as a Replacement

If you look at Apple’s product lineup, they take the Mac quite seriously and will ensure that the iPad cannot replace it. Apple devices are complimentary to each other, offering different features and facets of the Apple ecosystem. The new MacBook is a perfect example. Instead of making a pro iPad, they made a MacBook more like an iPad.

Apple wants you to buy everything they make. They will not gradually turn the iPad into a Mac replacement. It would destroy their profitability. Apple makes money by selling devices. Why would they sell you just one device? They want you to buy an iPad and a Mac. This also assumes that the iPad will continue to evolve, while the Mac will stagnate. That’s not going to happen. Mac sales continue to grow, while iPad sales are stagnating. Indeed, the iPad seems to be the gateway for the Mac. Most new Mac converts I know made their choice because they loved their iPhone and iPad and wanted something more. Instead of upgrading their iPad, they upgrade to a Mac.

Each Apple product is different. For example, Apple TV is much better for watching streaming and downloaded media than a Mac connected to a TV. An Apple Watch is better for quick glances of information. I think some in the tech media are a bit myopic. The iPad works for them, so they assume everyone can use one. But all of these people still seem to own notebook or desktop computers. They aren’t confident enough in this assertion to sell their computer.

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