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iOS 7 Reality

Most of the iOS 7 rumors are derivative and lack insight. This is the product of non-technical people speculating about technology. Most tech pundits have never worked in technology. Many haven’t even worked at a corporation.

Reviewing recent Apple acquisitions will shed light on upcoming iOS 7 functionality. Within the past year, Apple has made three acquisitions which have yet to impact their products. It is likely these technologies will be folded into iOS 7.

Apple acquired AuthenTec in July of 2012. The company develops biometric security technology. One can expect to see this integrated into iOS 7. It is likely that users will be able to unlock their iOS device with a fingerprint scan, retina scan, or voice identification.

Particle, a company which develops HTML 5 web applications, was purchased by Apple in the fall of 2012. Apple may incorporate HTML 5 technology directly in the operating system with iOS 7.

Currently, to develop an app, one must write Objective C code or use an app generator. There are solutions, such as TheAppBuilder which allow developers to create cross-platform HTML 5 apps for smart phones and tablets. These web apps do not need AppStore approval and work on any device — iOS, Android, Windows, and more. Apple doesn’t make any money from these apps. They are not sold in the App Store.

I expect Apple to leverage the Particle acquisition to incorporate web apps into iOS 7. These web apps will look and feel just like native iOS apps. They will be sold in the AppStore. This is the future of mobile apps, and something Apple will not ignore.

I also expect Safari to be overhauled and incorporate the most recent developments in HTML 5. Beyond Safari, iOS 7 will likely have system-wide HTML 5 support. HTML 5 apps will be able to update content without using an internal database to sync to a central database or forcing the user to update the app. It’s bad design to update content through app updates. It is a common practice with inexperienced developers. Perhaps HTML 5 apps will make this easier for the novice developer.

You will not be able to tell whether you’re running an HTML 5 app or a native app developed in Objective C. Much like with OS X, it’s difficult to tell whether an app is developed in Objective C or Java. Simplifying app development will greatly expand the App Store.

The Maps “fiasco” was mostly hype. The blogosphere is a regurgitative phenomenon. It makes cable news seem accurate and interesting. At least cable news has editors and fact-checkers to filter the punditry, although it’s a coarse filter. The blogosphere is mass of inaccuracies, punditry, and one-sided talking points. The blogosphere makes CNN seem like quality news! (continue…)

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