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iOS 7 black white flat

The blogosphere is exploding with iOS 7 rumors. There seem to be terabytes of text describing what iOS 7 will be. Most of these posts are simply regurgitating an article from 9to5Mac. It contends that iOS 7 will be “black, white, and flat all over”. The tech pundits claim that iOS 7 will not have much new functionality. I claim they’re lazy and don’t do their homework.

Many tech pundits simply ape the contents of a “breaking story”. It’s a cheap trick to get page views. It has the unfortunate side-effect of distorting reality. One can research major acquisitions by Apple. These are the best clues as to what iOS 7 will offer. Only Apple employees know for sure. This is article is speculation, but not regurgitation.

iOS 7 Hype

9to5 Mac broke the story that iOS 7 will feature a much simpler user interface. This is likely. However, they claim it will be “black, white, and flat all over”. This is an assumption that will prove false. Such a move would distance iOS 7 from Mac OS X. The two operating systems have been converging. In fact, Mountain Lion features a new app dock with a reflective metal “floor” and 3-D icons. It’s a bold statement, designed to garner page views. Indeed, this seems to have been “leaked” by a source at Apple who had a meeting with Jony Ive.

The article has some merit, but not to the extent that it needs to be duplicated by thousands of publishers and bloggers. It is said that iOS 7 will have a flat appearance. There will be no drop shadows, no shine or gloss on icons. The skeuomorphic look of Game Center, Calendar, Newsstand and other apps will be removed. There will be no felt, wood, or leather. Instead it will look simpler and more unified. These predictions are accurate. Ive is not a fan of skeuomorphism or the current look of iOS.

Newsstand example of skeuomorphism
Skeuomorphic design features user interfaces resembling real-world objects.

Most tech pundits claim that iOS 7 will simply revamp the user interface, leaving little new functionality. This assumption is based on Apple’s secretive nature. Since tech writers don’t know, they assume there will be little new functionality. Unless someone spoon-feeds them information, they’re in the dark.

Most bloggers are too lazy to research and provide an educated guess. At most, they claim iOS 7 will have new widgets for notification, in-car support for Maps and Siri, and system-wide Flickr and Vimeo integration. That’s not much for a major release. It is well known that Apple has pulled developers off OS X in order to work on iOS 7. It’s fair to assume they’re not shifting priorities just to make a simpler user interface. (continue…)

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